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  1. Ok…you guys…you’re keeping me in mich trouble with all the cuteness you roll out each month!!! That coat…

  2. Abbey, thanks again. However, you cost me sooooo much money. I really need the denim coat and a few other things.😂

  3. I really can’t stand it! Every freakin month I say the same thing…I’m done, I have more than enough, so much so it’s ridiculous & then you do this to me! EVERY MONTH!!! It’s like Pacino in GFIII, just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!!! You outdo yourself every month. But my credit card bill…major sigh…

  4. Uh oh! The sweaters! Sooooooo, a couple years back you did a two set with a woven tank, hows about more more woven tanks💐

      1. Is item #A460919 the dotted mesh a twin set or single top? Will it come in other colors? Not so patiently waiting!💜💜

  5. Oh those jeans, A468304! Reminded me of a pair I made myself back in the early 70’s. I sewed together a pair with two different colors just below the knee. I absolutely loved those pants! Dejavu as soon as I saw them! Lori you are the bomb!

  6. Gorgeous designs and amazing colors for Fall! Love all the denim, especially the Tiered Denim Shirt / Jacket in the new Dark plum! Wow! So rich and decadent! Also love all the new tops . . . and thank you for including Tie-Dye! So ready for these beautiful styles and colors! Thank you, Lori and Team, for making Fall dressing fabulous and fun!

  7. I agree with Jan Wertheimer! Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in! So many beautiful things this month. I’m loving the turtleneck sweater with the “speckled” colors in the knit. And the fair isle one too! Hoping they are nice and soft and easy on the skin. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these items and all the others. Thanks Lori for your amazing creations!

  8. You guys out do yourself every month!! Love the new collection. Love the sweaters and tiered jacket. I will be on the lookout!

  9. A460925 — I’m swooning over this sweater! What is that color called, as I want to start hunting around for a tank to buy to peek out the bottom. Thanks so much!

  10. Thank you SO much for letting me know! Looking forward to Friday! This Fall line is amazing! But then again, I thought the same thing last year. And the year before. ❤️

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