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  1. Another month of beauties! So excited for that tie-dye dress A452208 and already ordered several of the long cards A452108.

  2. I am so in love with the August look book….I love it all!!!! Already ordered some a variables on the Q……The tie dye dress has my name all over it….Can’t wait to order it; I am so beyond excited

  3. Lori you didnt it again! Knocked it out of the ball park! Such great looking collection!
    Cant wait to add them to my collection!
    Love ya lady!!

  4. The August Collection is definitely calling my name! And quite loudly, I might add! Love all the colors and prints, and the Tie-Dye! I’m definitely on board for that fabulous Tie-Dye dress!!! Wow! Those boots are made for it! Thank you, Lori and Team, for an August to get excited about!!!

  5. Oh please hurry up and have that tie-dyed dress ready and available. Can’t wait! …. it’s the middle of August! C’mon…please!

  6. Just picked up my tie dye dresses in both colors! I hope there will be mesh or lace leggings to pair with them!

  7. That mesh top is Devine! Arrived today and already wearing it. I can’t stop smiling it’s making me that happy!,

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