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  1. It is hard to believe i just got the July lookbook in my email a few items I wanted are sold out and it didnt even offer me to be put on a waist list. What is up with that?


      1. Glad to know that. I thought some of those gorgeous tunics were also sold out. But I already bought 2 pairs of the mesh leggings. My fear is that they will be scratchy instead of super-soft.


  2. It’s a wonderful thing to see Lori’s creativity that just keeps morphing and soaring. Wow. Just when I thought I couldn’t like anything more than the last month, I find a whole crop of items that I like better. Be still my heart. Be fearless my wallet.


  3. Just when I think Lori can’t come up with anything more that I like any better than I already have, SHE DOES IT AGAIN! I love it all. The dress is my favorite!


  4. I am always wearing LOGO tops for work now. LOVE THEM!! Please keep making tops with hems that are straight. I have too many that are lower in the back and lower on the sides. I’m always looking for new!!
    Thanks Lori!!


  5. Please please make more short dresses. I love and have purchased every knee length and above the knee dresses you have made. Longer dresses do not look good on me. Summer and Winter dresses – please make short! Thank you!!!!!


  6. What a beautiful collection for July! Love all the colors and styles! I’m shopping the Mesh tops right now for summer. Of course Rayon 230 and Cotton Modal are wonderful and very comfortable when temps are high. The Lavish Denim Jacket is a must-have, as are the Straight Leg Pieced Jeans! So many beautiful pieces! Thank you, Lori and team, for great additions to our summer closets!


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