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  1. I just love Mrs Goldstine! She rocks my world! I record all her shows so I miss nothing. She owns me! I over buy most of the time but my 3 closets are full of all her tops, tanks and cardis! I need to try her pants! AND I WILL!!!

  2. I am so lucky to be part of the LOGO WAVE crossing fashion trends every season!!!! I’ve been a Logonista for 4 years now. My closet has evolved to 100% LOGO!!!! I’ve moved to Arizona it is HOT!!! I’ve cornered almost all of Lori”s 100% cotton tops. Hopefully this summer you will have a dress or two!!! Lori Thank You for your fresh eyes!!!

  3. Really nice interview – I have to say even tho I have both prs of the patch jeans, I’m on the fence-I’m a skinny jeans girl all the way so it’s a big change – but after seeing how amazing Jan looks I was inspired to copy her look (b/c of course I have the lace tunic & that tee!) I just chose a different cardigan & I have to say I was really surprised! So thanks Jan! Now I just have to find yet another closet for all this Logo…

  4. What an amazing interview Jan!
    I just screen shot all of your beautiful outfits, so I can duplicate, except for those jeans. I only own 4 Pairs of jeans and there all LOGO.

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