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  1. I haven’t ordered the TSV yet; I am undecided which print or color I want…My main problem is I want all of them…I did fall in love with the ORCHID CLOUD SHEER MESH TOP and ordered it this morning…Love how you paired it beneath the print TSV….Maybe that will be my winner…Love all Logo and suffer from LOGOITIS! !!


  2. I really like the rayon 230, and I am excited to try this new fabric! I have ordered two of the prints…the paint stroke and the animal print. I really like the new ruffled tank, the sheer mesh top, and the lace leggings!!!


  3. I’ve ordered two of the TSVs one in the bright fuschia print and one in the pastel print. I LOVE that this one has a viscose blend. I used to wear Ghost in my younger days in the 80s, and their wovens had a viscose blend that felt divine. I am hoping for the same thing here. I love the 230 tops I’ve bought recently — one in black and one in ink — the feel of them is fabulous. I’m hoping the viscose adds yet another dimension. I’m a very tactile person when it comes to fashion, and touch is as important to me as color. I wish these were in more vivid prints or some deeper color. Not crazy for these really pale pastels at all. That said, I’m trying the one Lori is wearing on this page in the paint stroke sort of print and the vivid one.


  4. I purchased the floral. Looking forward to getting it! I always love prints more than solids maybe because they’re more forgiving, like with lumps and bumps and spills on my tops when I dribble food! Ha. I look forward to more tie dye! I also have my eye on the animal print. Excited about tomorrow!


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