For this month’s #LOGOFIED in Focus, we introduce to you Kinga, a dedicated LOGO lover that has been with us from the very beginning. Kinga embodies everything that LOGO stands for and we constantly look forward to seeing how she incorporates LOGO into her everyday style. Her love for LOGO inspires us, and so it was a no brainer to spotlight her for the month of July!

  • Animal lover from Omaha, Nebraska
  • LOGO’nista since day 1 on QVC!
  • Favorite LOGO piece: “I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE her shoes….each [is] a piece of ART”
  • Why she loves LOGO: “I never found clothing to fit me with such ease and it seems that EVERY color Lori comes up with looks good on me, where as in other brands I would never wear it.”
  • Fun facts: “I LOVE animals, always try to incorporate them in my selfies, and I used to be a Zoo Keeper.”

4 thoughts

  1. Great Job Kinga Kazal! She is my biggest inspiration! I love how she styles her LOGO pieces. Yes it is true Anything goes with everything! There’s just something about her! She’s a star in the making! Thank you Lori Goldstein for creating this chic line of clothes! Congratulations Kinga!

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