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  1. I just love love this brand. I think it’s because, im not a girly girl but, I don’t wear mens clothes. Logo bring you clothes that you dont look like a man but, your in pretty ladies clothes but, not so girly.

  2. I have a problem- I have too much LOGO. It’s truly becoming a major situation…addiction doesn’t begin to describe it. When you get your closet(s) done by California Closets & find less than a year later that you’re running out of room, what does that say? I know, poor me…anyway I love your line & just can’t stop myself. My new thing is for whatever reason I just hate the curve length tanks (except under certain sets) but I LOVE the straight hem tanks. I’m begging you to bring in more stock & to add more colors!!! I’m dying for the dark oak (chocolate brown?), blackberry, lime, lilac, more pinks, bronze, etc. No idea if you’ll see this but hopefully someone on your team will.
    Your talent just blows me away & it annoys me to no end when I see the negative idiots who say “bag lady, homeless” & so on. I think I probably get more aggravated than you do but I realize these people are uneducated & certainly have no fashion sense!

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